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Benefits of Putting CBD on Your Skin

by Brittany Avdee |  | 1 comment

Can CBD heal your skin? 

Let's be real here... CBD is EVERYWHERE.

You can take it orally, give it to your pets, add it in a smoothie, or eat CBD infused gummies. You might see your local coffee shops adding a CBD latte to the menu or your local water store trying to sell you some when you're just trying to buy a gallon of water. Like we said, everywhere.

Is it possible that all of these people could really be imagining these benefits? Well, the amazing thing about using it for your skin is that you can actually SEE the benefits and the progress as days go by. 

We're not here to say this is a "cure-all" or that all of your skin concerns will dissappear over night but there are a few skin concerns that CBD will definitely help. Let's get to it...


CBD can decrease acne because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics that act to reduce the visible inflammation induced by clogged hair follicles.

It stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which includes anandamide, a neurological transmitter that regulates cell growth. If not balanced, it can negatively affect the skin. CBD also helps inhibit excessive oil secretion, which is one of the principal causes of acne.

See below, notice the decrease of inflammation and redness after just a few days of using Barecat for a breakout. You can also see another 'before & after' on our home page.


The less oil our skin produces, the drier it is going to be. In 2014, a study discovered the positive effect CBD has on the regulation of oil production. Think of it this way, if your skin is TOO oily - you will likely suffer from breakouts and acne but if your skin is TOO dry - you are more prone to eczema, redness, and "cracked" skin. 


CBD has many anti-aging benefits, we will list a few below! 

- Counteracts free radical damage 

- Slows collagen break down and loss (improves firmness and elasticity)

- Improves moisture retention 

- Gives skin a 'refreshed' look and feel

Try Barecat for yourself and keep us posted on your results! 


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