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Ed's Barecat Experience

by Brittany Avdee |  | 3 comments

Have you been hearing all of the buzz around CBD products across social media and on the news? While studies are still being done on all of the benefits CBD products have to offer, the testimonials from countless customers speak for themselves. 

Barecat's facial serums were formulated to treat acne, redness, dry patches, and inflammation but we are getting emails and reviews from customers that our serums are helping with even more than that! 

Below is a screenshot of a Facebook review from one of our repeat customers who claims Barecat is even helping decrease the visibility of the wrinkle between his eyebrows (his "11"). 

The benefits of CBD are endless and this is probably due to the fact that tons of issues with our skin and bodies are caused by inflammation. Since CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it possesses the potential to heal an array of "issues".

So, what's stopping you from bringing CBD into your skincare routine? 

Comments (3)

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  • Tiffany on July 13, 2019

    Does it help with acne skin? Also does it make your skin feel oily?

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